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Certainly breast disease is a particular entity surgery.

This is due to the different structure of the breast from woman to woman, but in consecutive changes subject breasts under the constant influence of hormones of the period (estrogen - progesterone), and refer to both the size and composition.

So once the breast is swollen, sometimes painful and sometimes the woman finds various lumps or hard areas, which in conjunction with the course of construction, can be anything. !!

The truth is however that any changes in the breast or palpable lump does not mean breast cancer!

For this reason, with the breast, we are advised to deal only doctors who have specialized in breast diseases, and monitor closely all developments relating to prevention - diagnosis and treatment of breast diseases, but especially of the breast cancer.

Specialized breast can make both General Surgeons, and the Gynaecologists.

The following sections will deal with the highlight of breast disease, focusing on breast cancer.

The aim of course is to inform, but also to raise awareness of women and visitors of this website to their referral for breast examination and mammography to perform, for the prevention, early detection and treatment of breast cancer.

Every woman after 40 yo should necessarily do a mammogram once a year and examined by a specialist, even if it does not present a particular problem (preventive). According to international protocols, the first mammography and breast examination must be done in 35 years. If it's all good we continue each year of the 40 years.

Early diagnosis of breast cancer, it is certain that saves lives.

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